Equity Mandates

Our active approach to managing Equity strategies results in portfolios constructed with conviction and remaining true to their respective investment objectives and philosophies. Most of our strategies are available as segregated accounts or investment funds, depending on your needs.

Canadian Equity

Guardian Capital manages several Canadian Equity portfolios across growth, core and income investment styles.

Consistent across all of Guardian's Canadian Equity strategies (except the Guardian Canadian Dividend Strategy managed using a quantitative approach), our stock selection process is based on a bottom-up assessment of fundamentals. This includes a detailed understanding of the company and its industry. This stock selection approach is complemented by top-down macroeconomic views where relevant.

We seek companies that have strong balance sheets, superior management teams, and core competitive advantages that will drive positive price performance over time. Risk management is an integral part of our process. Across Canadian equities, we conduct more than 450 management meetings every year - testimony to the thoroughness of our process.

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Foreign Equity: Systematic

In a converging global market, Guardian is focused on selecting the best companies within each sector, regardless of geography. We achieve this with bottom-up systematic research. Through the daily screening of company fundamentals, we seek to isolate stock selection as the primary source of value added, as our research shows that comparing the rate of change in company fundamentals within a sector can add value.

We understand that markets are not always rational, so our model dynamically adjusts the factor weights, as each factor’s relevance in a given economic environment changes. Our portfolio management team discusses portfolio recommendations at length to ensure the model output is consistent and economically relevant.

We offer foreign equity strategies based on systematic investment analysis as well as fundamental investment analysis—blending both quantitative and qualitative elements to identify companies that we believe will add value to our clients’ portfolios.

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Foreign Equity: Fundamental

With so many stocks to choose from globally, investing in global markets can be complex. Traditional geographic diversification becomes a less impactful risk management tool as the markets and companies become more globalized. As a result, the Fundamental Global Equity team believes that long term performance is best achieved by controlling risk while looking for undervalued, sustainable growth opportunities around the world. Becoming specialists in a focused stock list and really understanding the global companies can help manage unexpected risks and forecast growth. With an investment process that combines quantitative screens and extensive fundamental research, the Fundamental Global Equity strategy creates a concentrated portfolio consisting of high quality, undervalued, global businesses with high and sustainable earnings.

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