About Us

At Guardian, we prize the stability of our clients, our employees and our financial resources. Placing the needs of our clients first has led to long-lasting relationships. A growing client base has allowed us to consistently hire the best and brightest. And this combination of satisfied clients and exceptional team members is what will allow us to maintain our significant financial strength in the decades to come.

Guardian Capital Group is a diversified financial services firm with several businesses:

Guardian Capital LP

Guardian Capital LP has been managing institutional assets for over 50 years, for pension plans, insurers, foundations, endowments, third-party mutual funds and ETF’s.

Guardian Capital Advisors LP

Guardian Capital Advisors LP has provided private wealth management to individuals, families and charitable organizations since 1992.

Guardian Partners Inc.

Guardian Partners has been working for over 25 years* with many of Canada’s wealthiest individuals, families and an institutional client base that includes public and private foundations, endowments and pension plans.

*In March 1, 2021, Guardian Capital Group Limited completed the acquisition of BNY Mellon Wealth Management, Advisory Services, Inc., and renamed it Guardian Partners Inc.

GuardCap Asset Management Limited

GuardCap Asset Management Limited was acquired in 2014 to broaden our global perspective and expand our institutional asset management footprint to the UK.

Alta Capital Management LLC

Alta Capital Management LLC is a long-standing US-based institutional investment manager. We acquired a 70% majority interest in 2018 to strengthen our presence and distribution network in the United States.

Alexandria Bancorp

Alexandria Bancorp is a fully-licensed Schedule B bank in Cayman Islands that provides trust and corporate administration, investment management and banking services for international clients.

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