Investment Objective

The primary objective of the strategy is to provide a portfolio that emphasizes long-term growth of capital through diversified investments in Canadian and foreign equity or equity-related securities and in fixed income securities.

Investment Strategy

The strategy invests in securities of other investment funds managed by us, and may also invest in other securities, including exchange traded funds, to achieve its objectives. We use strategic and tactical asset allocation to create a portfolio diversified by investment style, asset class and geographic region, with an emphasis on long-term growth of capital. The portfolio generally includes exposure to Canadian equities, global equities, investment grade fixed-income securities and high yield bonds. Currently, the strategy’s long-term asset mix policy is 80% equities and 20% bonds, with cash reserves incorporated in these two asset classes. If the asset mix between equities and bonds varies by more than 20% from the long-term mix, the strategy is normally rebalanced. Within its long-term asset mix, the strategy invests in a core portfolio and, from time to time, a satellite portfolio. On a tactical basis, the strategy may also invest from time to time in a satellite portfolio consisting of securities of other investment funds, exchange traded funds and other securities that are consistent with the strategy’s investment objectives.

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