GuardCap Asset Management Limited* is focused exclusively on managing two concentrated, quality-growth equity strategies built by fundamental research; one in global equities and the other in emerging markets equities. Our core objective is to achieve superior returns, in excess of standard benchmarks with less risk than the benchmarks, over the long term. An integral part of this is our commitment to investing in the highest quality companies around the world that are capable of generating long-term sustainable growth.

Our investment strategies are built on long-term thinking, long-term forecasting and long holding periods. Our time horizon stretches well beyond five years, which is reflected in our low turnover and average holding periods longer than five years. The three pillars of our investment philosophy are as follows:

a) Investing in companies that generate long term sustained earnings and cash flow growth will deliver excess returns
b) Investing in high-quality companies will provide downside protection
c) Valuation matters

*GuardCap Asset Management Limited is a UK-based subsidiary of Guardian Capital LP, and has been appointed as sub-advisor in connection with certain of Guardian’s global equity funds.


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