Alternative Mandates

Real Estate

The objective of the Guardian Capital Real Estate Fund is to preserve capital while providing investors with an annual gross cash distribution of approximately 6% – 8% and total returns (income and capital) of approximately 8% to 10% through a diversified portfolio of direct Canadian real estate investments. This core plus portfolio will be comprised of small and mid-sized commercial (industrial, retail, office) and multi-residential properties in primary and select Canadian markets.

Our dedicated and experienced team of real estate professionals is responsible for all aspects of investment management that include deal sourcing, analyzing and selecting properties and evaluating appropriate exit strategies.

The niche acquisition strategy of the Guardian Capital Real Estate Fund is guided by several key investment principles:

  • Acquisitions price that is at or below replacement cost
  • Proactive focus on off-market acquisitions
  • Properties with functional features that provide flexibility for re-leasing and re-sale opportunities
  • Asset with inefficiencies in property ownership, property management and leasing
  • Properties with rental income at or below market rates

The investment team’s active asset management and professional leasing capabilities brings each acquired asset to an institutional standard of management and maintenance.

This Fund is a private offering available to qualified investors only. Please consult the Guardian Capital Real Estate Fund Limited Partnership Agreement for further information. Guardian Capital Real Estate Inc. is the Manager of the Guardian Capital Real Estate Fund LP. Guardian Capital LP acts as dealer for those wishing to purchase units in the Guardian Capital Real Estate Fund LP.

Strategic Income

The primary objectives of the strategy are to generate capital gains, preserve capital and make monthly distributions by investing primarily in securities that can benefit from changes to interest rates and credit spreads. The strategy aims to maintain low volatility and low correlation with traditional equity and fixed income markets.

Related Strategies

Smart Infrastructure

Guardian Smart Infrastructure Management (GSIM) is a direct private infrastructure investment business focused on investing in the growing number of opportunities and projects that integrate technological innovations to enhance the productivity of new and existing global infrastructure assets.

Smart Infrastructure typically combines physical assets ‒ such as sensors, communications networks and interactive terminals ‒ with new operating and utilization solutions; often delivered through software sales and service agreements on a continuing/multi-year basis. Capital is typically required to develop and enhance these smart infrastructure asset-based solutions, and to acquire and grow solution providers. Accordingly, new and accelerating investment opportunities range from concessions to deliver smart city solutions, to acquisition and growth capital for smart infrastructure-focused businesses.

Concessions and operating company service and software contracts can offer medium- to longer-term contracted/stable cash flow, often at high operating margins, and significantly accelerated payback periods than traditional infrastructure investments. The value provided by many smart infrastructure operating companies to their customers often leads to extended incumbency, further improving a portfolio investment’s ability to protect margins and effectively combat competitive and market threats. Taken together, GSIM believes these characteristics can offer a similar risk reward profile to traditional core infrastructure, combining appropriate downside protection with upside, value creation potential.

GSIM believes smart infrastructure represents a transformational cross-over investment opportunity for both private equity and traditional infrastructure investors, from the digitalization of existing transportation assets – such as transit systems, ports and airports – and electrification of vehicles and the advent of driverless cars, to the growth of smart grids, smart waste management, and entire smart cities.

Click Here to visit the Guardian Smart Infrastructure Management Inc. site.