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Guardian Capital appoints Michele Robitaille Head of Responsible Investing

TORONTO, May 25, 2021 – Guardian Capital LP announced today that it has appointed Michele Robitaille as Managing Director, Head of Responsible Investing. In this global role, Ms. Robitaille will be working to further incorporate responsible investing principles into Guardian’s investment processes and enhance alignment of ESG activities across the firm.

Ms. Robitaille joined Guardian in 2003, where she has since served as a Managing Director and Portfolio Manager.

“I am extremely excited to assume the responsibility of this role and the multitude of opportunities it provides to enhance our investment processes and address investors’ desire for responsible investing solutions,” said Ms. Robitaille. “Long before ESG was discussed with the frequency it is now, it was something we prided ourselves on incorporating into our investment approach, and I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to showcase this more moving forward.”.

“We believe Michele is the perfect fit for this role, not only due to her vast experience as a Portfolio Manager, where she is accustomed to asking the hard questions surrounding governance, but also because of her long-time passion and involvement in responsible investing behind the scenes,” said Guardian CEO George Mavroudis.

“At Guardian, we pride ourselves on doing things that align with our values, and our approach to responsible investing stays true to those principles. For over 15 years, our firm has proudly managed a number of mandates focusing on ethical investing, but we want to continue to grow stronger in this space. As responsible investing continues to serve as a key point of discussion with our clients and employees, we also want to make an active effort to showcase the fundamental benefits it has for our business and how we serve our communities. Michele will play a leading role in these efforts.”

Michele’s immediate focus will be on consistent incorporation of ESG factors within the firm’s investment processes via enhanced disclosure, tools and the establishment of an aligned high-level
approach. Her responsibilities will continue expanding to include thought leadership, spokesperson responsibilities and product input, as well as the internal coordination of responsible investing activities for Guardian’s various teams and employees.

Learn more about Guardian’s approach to ESG and Responsible Investing here.

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