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Our Why

Women experience many barriers while entering and navigating the asset management industry.

This includes their limited representation in leadership positions and fewer opportunities for mentorship and growth.

AdvisHER NetworkTM aims to foster an environment to facilitate the advancement of careers and business of women advisors in its orbit.

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Our How

When we consider that women currently control over C$2 trillion of financial assets1 and acknowledge their unique needs when it comes to investing, it is obvious that expanding female representation in the financial industry is necessary and invaluable on multiple levels. Our aim is to help resolve this challenge through the Guardian Capital LP AdvisHER NetworkTM.

In creating this initiative, we join our peers in investing in the development and long-term retention of talented women in asset management through active mentorship and educational opportunities.

1Investment Executive, “Canadian women to control nearly $4 trillion by 2028” Research and Markets, published March 4, 2019.

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The AdvisHER NetworkTM connects women with like-minded peers in uplifting environments that aim to:

curly brace

to educational programs, events and resources that contribute to skill-building


for personal and professional growth that reinforce confidence


for connection and meaningful conversation to encourage networking and mentorship

Our Insights

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Barbie is all of us

Whether you watched it in the theatre or waited until now to stream it, we promise only one spoiler ahead but the cultural phenomenon that is Barbie, the movie, has become a touchstone for empowerment in the areas of entertainment, parenting, housing, fashion, careers, and of particular interest to us, financial well-being.

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About Us

AdvisHER NetworkTM is a Guardian Capital LP initiative.

Guardian Capital LP is the manager and portfolio manager of the Guardian Capital mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) with capabilities that span a range of asset classes, geographic regions and specialty mandates. Additionally, Guardian Capital LP manages portfolios for institutional clients such as defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, insurance companies, foundations, endowments and investment funds.

Guardian Capital LP is a subsidiary of Guardian Capital Group Limited (GCGL), a diversified, global financial services company. GCGL’s reputation for steady growth, long-term relationships and its core values of authenticity, trustworthiness, integrity and stability have been key to its success over six decades.

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