SAVE THE DATES – November 15 to December 5

CE Credits Available

Please join Guardian Capital LP for our upcoming Digital roadshow: Returns without borders, which will feature five unique webinars focused on different facets of global equity investing.

Guardian Capital is well established in the world of global equities – our five webinars feature five of our portfolio managers who will provide you with extensive insight into opportunities in the global equity market and ways to optimize that exposure.

From the comfort of your home, office or anywhere you have online access, you can tap into the global expertise that is only available through the broad range of portfolio management teams at Guardian Capital LP.

Please note that you need to register for each individual session that you would like to attend.


Session #1
How we aim to beat the Canadian Stock Market
w​​​​ithout the big banks 

Wednesday, November 15 at 11:00 am ET

sam baldwin

Sam Baldwin
Senior Portfolio Manager
Guardian Capital LP

A Canadian equity portfolio that doesn’t hold any banks? You read that correctly. Sam Baldwin, Senior Portfolio Manager, joins us to discuss Guardian Canadian Focused Equity Fund, the top performing mandate in the Canadian Equity category so far YTD*. Sam will discuss how he and the team go about building this high-conviction portfolio of quality-growth stocks and why he tends to avoid the banks, particularly in today’s environment.


Session #2
Is it finally time for international equities
to outperform?

Thursday, November 16 at 11:00 am ET

andrew cox

Andrew Cox
Senior Portfolio Manager
Guardian Capital LP

Apart from a few select stocks, the last decade has largely been a lost cause for international equity investors, despite numerous periods of strong inflows into this equity class. Plain and simple, investors who have chosen to keep their equity allocations in North America have been compensated with stronger returns than international developed markets. That might finally be changing. Join Andrew Cox, Senior Portfolio Manager at Guardian Capital LP as he identifies compelling opportunities in international equities, and how his strategy aims to reduce the risk of investing overseas by focusing on stocks with strong fundamental drivers of growth.


Session #3
Is your covered call yield too high?
Wednesday, November 22 at 11:00 am ET

dino bourdos

Dino Bourdos, CFA, CIM
Portfolio Manager,
Head of Investment Solutions
Guardian Capital LP

Many ETFs and mutual funds that use covered calls promote very high income yields, but are these yields reasonable or even sustainable? Join Dino Bourdos, CFA, CIM, Portfolio Manager, Head of Investment Solutions, at Guardian Capital LP as he discusses his use of options in practical portfolio management and how investors can evaluate the effectiveness of a covered call strategy. With nearly 30 years of experience managing derivatives and options-focused strategies for some of the largest financial institutions in Canada, this presentation will tap into Dino’s vast experience to explore the pros and cons of call writing and potential red flags investors should be aware of.


Session #4
The digital analyst:
How AI is revolutionizing stock selection

Tuesday, November 28 at 11:00 am ET

srikanth iyer

Srikanth Iyer
Managing Director,
Head of I3 Investments™
Guardian Capital LP

While the expanding use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) has captured the public’s imagination of late, using AI in portfolio management is not an entirely new phenomenon. The i3 Investments™ portfolio management team at Guardian Capital LP has used AI and machine learning as a tool in equity selection for the better part of the last decade. Srikanth Iyer, Managing Director, Head of I3 Investments™, will illustrate how his team has integrated AI into their portfolio management system, its potential to detect areas for enhancing returns, particularly in identifying key earnings and dividend trends, while outlining the continued need for human oversight and discretion in its usage.


Session #5
Global equities for the long haul
Tuesday, December 5 at 11:00 am ET

Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes
Senior Vice President,
Client Portfolio Manager
GuardCap Asset Management

Will the possibility of investing while interest rates are high and earnings are lower change how you look at global equities? GuardCap Asset Management’s** approach will not. Join Michael Hughes, GuardCap Senior Vice President & Client Portfolio Manager, for an update on the global equity portfolios sub-advised by GuardCap, and how their long-term focus on equity selection seeks to cut out the noise in markets and focus on what really matters: finding stocks that provide long-term wealth creation regardless of market conditions.

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These webinars are only intended for registered dealers and their advisors, and are not for their clients or the general public. The webinars are being organized by Guardian Capital LP in compliance with section 5.2 of NI81-105. Registration is being offered on a first come first served basis, and may be subject to your Dealer firm’s approval.

Important note: In order to qualify for CE Credits, attendees must watch at least 45 minutes. We will only be applying for CE Credits for IIROC and MFDA, the latter through FP Canada.

*Based on YTD performance within the Canadian Equity category as of Sep 30, 2023. Please click here for full performance of the Fund.

**GuardCap Asset Management Limited is a UK-based subsidiary of the Manager, Guardian Capital LP, and sub-advisor of the Guardian Fundamental Global Equity Fund in Canada.