Dividend Payers and Growers: Resilient During Periods of High Inflation and Rising Rates (feat. Sri Iyer, Guardian Capital)

Guardian Capital LP’s Head of i³ Investments™, Srikanth Iyer, made a guest appearance on the newest episode of AdvisorAnalyst Group Inc.’s Insight is Capital™ Podcast!

If you are searching for a podcast to brighten up your workday, look no further.

2022 has been a challenging year so far for most investors. Both stock prices and bond prices have taken a beating, marking perhaps the abrupt end to a 40-year period of gains like no other, and a rate of inflation not seen since 1983.

It’s time for advisors and investors to take steps to immunize their portfolios against the challenges of the current environment of inflation volatility and rising interest rates.

Investing in companies with consistent and growing dividends can provide core building blocks to grow your capital while managing risk in the current environment and over the long term, regardless of changing market conditions, including during periods of high inflation and rising rates…

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