Seeks to create wealth through the investment in global REITS and real estate equities

The i³ Investments solutions are focused on delivering risk-adjusted returns and providing investors with building blocks to create sophisticated multi-asset portfolios.

Fusing artificial intelligence (ai), human intelligence (hi) and innovation (i), the i³ Investments team provides a modern approach to portfolio construction.

ai * hi * i = α opportunities


Expand Your Reach

Investors tend to focus on traditional sources of return like equities and fixed income, to achieve portfolio diversification and meet income needs. Real Assets, an asset class that includes real estate, is highly sought after by institutions and pension funds as a strong diversifier of returns and source of steady income. With a focus on equities with high quality sustainable dividend growth, the i³ Investments process aims to provide investors with defensive exposure to high- quality growth companies while helping to avoid more vulnerable areas of the real estate sector, such as retail.

24%: The percentage of Canada Pension Plan Investment Board’s portfolio comprised of Real Assets at the end of fiscal 2020, of which 11.3% of the total portfolio consisted of real estate assets.1

8.9%: The annualized total return of global REITs from December 31, 2002 through December 31, 2019, outperforming broad equity markets over the same period.2

~50%: The percentage of the Guardian i3 Global REIT ETF with exposure to the structural growth themes of Specialized and Industrial REITs, which include cellular networks, data storage and e-commerce.


Answering the Challenge

Investment Intelligence Evolved. The i³ Investments approach focuses on delivering differentiated alpha and diversification, seeks to enhance investment outcomes.

How i³ Investments answers the challenge


Investment Process

i³ Investments Global REIT investment process

Guardian i³ Global REIT ETF provides exposure to global REITs and global real estate operating companies (REOCs) with lower correlation to traditional markets and sustainable dividend yields. Dividend growth and dividend quality is a primary factor in selecting strategy holdings. AI supports the managers’ investment ideas, in the construction of a well diversified portfolio, normally holding 30-70 REITs and stocks of real estate operating companies, and typically across a minimum of both six sub-industries and six countries at any given time.

GPS (Growth, Payout, Sustainability) are the hallmarks of the Guardian i3 Global REIT ETF strategy. The i³ Investments team look for securities within two dividend classes: payers and growers. Their investment philosophy is that dividend Growth is a significant factor for long-term returns, and is dependent on consistent earnings growth. A quality Payout reduces volatility in share price movements, while robust global companies emphasize Sustainable cash flow growth resulting in a low probability of a dividend cut.


Access the Solution

Guardian i³ Global REIT ETF
Exposure to global REITs and real estate equities with lower correlation to traditional markets and sustainable dividend yields.

Ticker: GIGR (Hedged) | GIGR.B (Unhedged)
Management Fee: 0.70%


Using Minds and Machines to Generate Alpha Opportunities

Guardian’s i³ Investments team are innovative and adaptive active managers, striving to deliver sustainable returns to investors. Their process, developed over many years and market cycles, evolved from straightforward quantitative factor driven analysis into today’s innovative world of AI machine learning techniques. The lead portfolio managers are:

Sirkanth Iyer
Sri Iyer, MBA
Managing Director – Head of i³ Investments
Guardian Capital LP
Fiona Wilson
Fiona Wilson, MBA, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager – i³ Investments
Guardian Capital LP

1 CPPIB Annual Report 2020
2 Starlight Capital, The Case for Global Real Estate, January 2020
3 Based on the ETF’s portfolio holdings as at Sept 30, 2020
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