Seeks to create wealth through investing in high-quality Canadian equities while managing sector concentration

Investors looking for exposure to the Canadian equity market face embedded challenges due to the imbalanced sector weights in the S&P/TSX Composite Index’s (“the Index”) composition.

Eggs in one basket

On several occasions in the past, the top three largest Canadian sectors (Materials, Energy and Financials) have had a combined weight of over 75% of the Index.

External influences

The highly cyclical nature of resource-extractive industries (Energy and Materials) results from their correlation to sometimes-volatile commodity prices.

Overlooking good companies

Sectors that tend to be underrepresented in the Index, such as Information Technology and Consumer Discretionary, typically have a higher return on invested capital.

By simply following the Index in their portfolio, investors could miss the opportunity to invest in promising companies, while also facing overexposure to resource price volatility.

Challenging the Constraints of Canadian Equities

The Guardian Canadian Sector Controlled Equity Fund reallocates exposure away from the Canadian resource sectors, to invest in other areas of the Canadian market that are in line with the investment team’s quality-oriented approach. Quality companies exhibit long-term growth potential, robust profitability, acceptable risk characteristics and a stewardship orientation that is consistent with sustainable value creation.


The Benefits of High-Quality Companies


Companies that exhibit robust profitability tend to regularly outperform companies with lower return on capital.¹

Reduced volatility

The highly cyclical nature of resource-extractive industries (Energy and Materials) results from their correlation to sometimes-volatile commodity prices.

Mitigating the downside

Quality companies are better at weathering the storm during recessionary conditions.³

With an underweight in extractive resource industries, the Fund is able to invest a larger weight in high-quality companies with the potential to generate enhanced returns at a lower risk over the long-term versus the Index.


Investment Process

To determine the applicable sector weights in the Fund’s portfolio, target ranges are constructed using the Canadian and Global sector weights as guidelines.

Sector weightings


Illustrative Example Only *

* The Fund’s security and sector allocation will be actively managed and may not reflect the constituents or weights shown in the chart above. The chart shown is used only to  illustrate an example of the investment process and is not intended to reflect actual holdings of the Fund.


Access the Solution

Guardian Canadian Sector Controlled Equity Fund – ETF Units
Investing in the Canadian equity market with lower exposure to potentially volatile Canadian resource sectors.

Management fee: 0.50%


Highly Experienced Professionals Leveraging Decades of Knowledge

Guardian’s Canadian Equity Investment Team consists of highly experienced investment professionals. Their long-term, high-quality investment philosophy has been unchanged for over two decades. The two lead portfolio managers are:



Ted Macklin, CFA
Managing Director Canadian Equity
Guardian Capital LP
Sam Baldwin, CFA
Senior Portfolio Manager Canadian Equity
Guardian Capital LP

1 Matthews, B., & Holland, D., Was Warren Buffet Right: Do Wonderful Companies Remain Wonderful?, HOLT Wealth Creation Principles, June 2013, Credit Suisse HOLT.
2 Schroders QEP Global Equity Team, Why Quality stocks offer higher return and lower risk, Schroder Investment Management North America Inc., 2014.
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